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Love your library?  To ensure that libraries are properly funded we urge you to let your legislators know how much the library means to you.

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Personal Property Tax (PPT)

Update 3/6/13:   The effort to reform the personal property tax has been ongoing in the Michigan Legislature for many months and a package of bills was approved in the Michigan Legislature on Dec. 13, 2012.   As it stands currently with the elimination of the Personal Property Tax, beginning December 31, 2013, commercial and industrial personal property with a combined taxable value of less than $40,000 is exempt from the tax. Beginning December 31, 2015, eligible manufacturing personal property will be exempt with an additional phase in until all personal property is exempt in 2021. Local units would receive partial reimbursement for approximately 80% of lost personal property tax for "non-essential" services. But at this time no one can identify exactly how much that revenue will be or how it will be distributed. The PPT roll back ultimately will be decided by a 2014 ballot proposal. Contacting your legislators to express your concern about funding for libraries is always appreciated and makes an impact!  See contact information for our legislators below.


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