What Do You Geek?

Whatever You Geek, The Public Library Supports It All

Public libraries inspire and empower. Everyone is welcome. Almost anything can be explored. And they play an important role for individuals and for communities.  For More information on the Geek the Library Campaign, visit: www.geekthelibrary.org

What Do You Geek?

Tell us what you geek and how the library has supported it and we will put your story on this page and/or in our monthly e-newsletter! Email what you geek, your story and a picture (picture optional) to: llevier@ssldl.info

Geek Stories

My name is Doreen Hannon... and I Geek Chickens!

I geek chickens! Actually, I geek many things, but chickens are a new hobby for me. I've always loved chickens, and in the past couple years, my husband helped me bring my parent's chicken coop from their farm to mine. I found lots of help at the library on specifications for the coop, such as the size of the chicken door, height for the roost and nest boxes. I read all about how to care for the chicks, feeders,waterers, and the type of food they need.

Two of the books I have used are:

  • Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide to Enjoying and Getting the Best from Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis
  • Keep Chickens! Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces by Barbara Kilarski

As an aspiring chicken keeper, the library fueled my passion for chickens by providing all of the details and help I needed to get my small flock of chickens situated. I like to watch my chickens and enjoy their little chicken "mannerisms." A nice bonus is the beautiful fresh brown eggs that I collect daily and share with my family and friends.

My nine chickens all have names and come running to greet me when I call out to them "Hi Little Babies!"

The moral to my story? Whatever you"Geek," the library can help you and soon your dreams will become reality!

Doreen Hannon,
Library Director

My name is Chuck Fellows and I geek SSLDL!

Geek (ing) the Library!

Geek Libraries!

Knowledge is energy and a library is the essential refueling station.

It’s all about relevance and relationships.

As an educator it is the place to learn and learn how to learn.

It’s just good business with a return on investment that is beyond measure.

Community is born and nurtured  here, kids and parents, politicians and businesses, juniors and seniors, learning and sharing.

It is the repository  and source of the wealth of nations.

And in my sixty some years a library has always played an essential role, getting me through school (as a resource and tuition credit), a place for my children to grow, learn and socialize, a land of knowledge opportunity used to make businesses and their leaders more effective, politicians exercise a bit more humility and a place for a family to grow.

Most significantly a library enables honest and clear reflection on humanities diversity of hopes, dreams and achievements.

It has been and continues to be the safe harbor for weary travelers to replenish their souls. 

Chuck Fellows