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Letter From Race Director

It's All About That Card!

Yep, BASS-ICALLY, this year is all about the card - library card that is!  I know that many of us are out hitting the roads, maybe working with a TRAINER, so I’m sure you’ll have NO TROUBLE, preparing for the 9th Annual Book'n Trilogy!  And this year, WE'RE BRINGING BOBBY BACK!  OK, OK, enough of the "All About That Bass" jokes (yea, that’s pretty clear!), but it's true, for year 9 we are all about that library card; if you have one, you’ll get significantly reduced pricing this year! (Pricing only reduced slightly in the state of Michigan.)  And if that's not enough, Bob is Back, for the second Gecko Challenge - I think he has a few words to say below as well - so get ready, get your card, sign up and GO!  We're excited to see you!

Ed Bartone
Race Director


Hey everyone, it's Bob! 

Well, last year I admit didn’t go so well for me, but it was my first 5K, and seriously, see how well you do with hundreds of people chasing you!  Sure, a few people were able to beat me (OK, everybody was able to beat me), but this year it’ll be different, I'm sure of that - I've already been training hard, and ready to see how many (if any) of you I can beat!  All right, you remember the rules - here they are:

  1. Sign up!When you sign up for the 5K, check the box saying you want to also participate in the Gecko Challenge—you’ll be adding $5 to the “pot”.

  2. Beat me at the race!How hard can that be?I’m a gecko!And plus, as a hint, I’ll probably be easily distracted on the course.

  3. All of the funds collected from participants go into a “pot” and anyone who participated and managed to beat me will have their name put in a hat.At the end of the run, I’ll choose a random name from that hat, and half the pot goes to the winner!The other half goes to support our Library!

  4. Sure, you don’t HAVE to enter the Gecko Challenge, but it’s just a couple bucks more, and in the end it’s all supporting our Library, so what the heck?

Bob the Gecko



Saturday, May 16, 2015:

  • Storytime Challenge: 8:00AM
  • 5K Run/Walk: 9:00AM
  • 10K Run: 9:00AM



Millennium Middle School
61526 Nine Mile Rd. (Crossroads: Nine Mile Rd. & Pontiac Trail)
South Lyon, MI 48178.
There will be ample parking at the school.



Awards will be presented after all the runners/walkers are finished!

Overall Male and Female in the 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk will receive a $50 gift card to Running Fit.
Age group awards are 3 deep for the 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk. Age categories are as follows:

[0 - 10]   [11 - 14]   [15 - 18 ]   [19 - 25]   [26 - 30]   [31 - 40]   [41 - 50]   [51 - 60]   [61 - 69]   [70 & Over]

Storytime Challenge ages and times will not be published or included in the results. All Storytime Challenge participants will receive an award.



Did we miss something?  For any questions you may have about the race, contact Caryn Bartone at 248.437.6431 x204, or click here for email.