Book'n Trilogy

Letter From Race Director

Thank You!

Yep, a very heartfelt and sincere "Thank You" to everyone that supported our final run, and those that supported us every year along the way!  I can't tell you how cool it was to see the show of hands at our award presentation, based on how many years you've participated. This is a real testament to our event - to see so many people that choose to come back! On purpose!  Well, this year went off without a hitch - and a very quick field! I suspect much of the quick times were due to our "all downhill course" (patent pending)! The kids run had the most participation ever, and the 5K exceeded our highest participation by nearly 50% - what an awesome turnout!  

Well, on behalf of myself, Caryn, and the entire Library, I want to again thank everyone for their support - I hope to see you running on the streets, on the trails, and in the Library! (But please limit running to the streets and trails!)

Very Sincerely,
Ed Bartone