Book'n Trilogy

Save the Date

The next Book'n Trilogy will be held on: Saturday, May 16, 2015

Letter From Race Director

Well, the Gecko Challenge is in the books.  History.  One for the ages.  And it couldn't have been more dramatic!  So here's the "Blow by Blow".....

The first wave of runners was released as the sirens roared to signal the start – although this first wave was limited to only Geckos!  That included Bob, and......  well, just Bob.  Within two minutes Bob was out to a tremendous lead, buzzing up 9 Mile Rd. toward the right turn onto the path, while all his competition could do was sit at the start line and watch in frozen disbelief, waiting for their wave to be released - yep, things were going quite well for the Gecko, and it looked as if Bob had this one in the bag already......

Two minutes after wave one started (some would later comment “Hey, what’s up with the head start for the Lizard?”), the second wave was released, which included all non-Geckos.  Men, women, boys, girls, babies, dogs, cats, and hedgehogs - all in blistering pursuit of the little green guy!  In an interview Bob gave to Runner’s World after the race, he recalled, “I looked back over my shoulder as I turned off of 9 Mile Rd. onto the path, to see a massive swarm of hundreds, if not thousands, all with only one goal in mind – to pass me!  You have, like, no idea how terrifying that is!  I mean seriously, I’m just a lizard!”  The race was on, but so far, the Gecko was clearly in the lead….

At this point an exact account of what happened is a bit sketchy.  Some runners reported Bob wandering off the course at the one mile mark, distracted by “beautiful gardens along the way”.  Some volunteers along the route reported that Bob seemed to require a seemingly unusual amount of time to stretch at the 10K turn off, by some accounts “approximately five to ten minutes”.  Bob later recalled in his interview “…, I really don’t know what went down.  One minute I was kicking it, the next minute they all came up on me like a whirlwind!”  At that point in the interview Bob began rambling about a UFO distracting him, and no further notes are available from the discussion.

By the finish, Bob had been overtaken by the entire field, as well as a few spectators and a road work crew – BUT he did finish his first 5K!  Like many of those crossing the finish line for the first time, Bob was ecstatic.  He was quoted as saying “Yea, it was awesome!  All of those minutes of training really paid off, you know?  I mean, like, you think ‘I really don’t feel like training today’, but you push yourself out the door, and just do it, and it paid off…….  Yep, if I had to do it over again, I’d increase my training mileage to three or even four miles a week I think” (Bob gazes up, thoughtfully into the sky).  “Man, maybe even like seven!”

Well, that one’s in the books, and Bob closed with Runner’s World saying “It’s been a long and awesome running career, but now I think I’m ready to hang up my shoes – after all, I mean, seriously, a running Gecko?  Like, really?  Who comes up with this stuff?” Although he was heard asking someone as he walked away about the qualifying time for Geckos at Boston……

Personally, I’m not convinced he’s done, and I plan to have a talk with him about next year, and if you agree, help me by writing to Bob at to encourage him to “lace em’ up” again in 2015!  As for the other 200+ participants, it was another great year for our run, and for our Library!  We moved the awards indoors for a little more warmth, and everyone seemed to have a great time recovering, and eating pancakes!

So thanks to everyone, including our AWESOME volunteers!  We all look forward to doing it again next year! (And Bob too, I hope – if we all work to convince him!)



Saturday, May 16, 2015:

  • Storytime Challenge: 8:00AM
  • 5K Run/Walk: 9:00AM
  • 10K Run: 9:00AM


Millennium Middle School
61526 Nine Mile Rd. (Crossroads: Nine Mile Rd. & Pontiac Trail)
South Lyon, MI 48178.
There will be ample parking at the school.


Awards will be presented after all the runners/walkers are finished!

Overall Male and Female in the 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk will receive a $50 gift card to Running Fit.
Age group awards are 3 deep for the 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk. Age categories are as follows:

[0 - 10]   [11 - 14]   [15 - 18 ]   [19 - 25]   [26 - 30]   [31 - 40]   [41 - 50]   [51 - 60]   [61 - 69]   [70 & Over]

Storytime Challenge ages and times will not be published or included in the results. All Storytime Challenge participants will receive an award.


Did we miss something?  For any questions you may have about the race, contact Caryn Bartone at 248.437.6431 x204, or click here for email.