Who’s Bob & why is he on my race shirt?!

When my wife Caryn started working at the library a few years ago as a children’s librarian, she was very intrigued by the aquarium next to her desk. This aquarium held a lizard of some sort, and it turned out more specifically to be a Leopard Gecko. Caryn quickly learned, and informed me, that the gecko's name is simply Bob.

Now it’s important to understand that Bob is very important to the children’s area; a bit of a mascot in a way for the kids and the library community, and over time that little green guy kinda grew on me! I loved to tease Caryn about sharing her work area with him and in a way I could tell Caryn was starting to "crack" as well, a bit protective over him really.

Well, when Caryn (the children’s librarian) asked me to direct a run for the library, we brainstormed some name ideas. Of course "Book’n 5K and Storytime Strut" won, but I required as my terms of employment that we pick a race mascot or logo – you guessed it: BOB!

So as our race came together we found an artist that helped us come up with a cartoon: a running gecko! Each year we hope to come up with a slightly modified version of Bob; last year running, this year stretching, and next year… well, you’ll just have to sign up to see!

Ed Bartone

Race Director

The Real Bob the Gecko