Ticket System Information


Registration for Events/Classes has changed this year. All SSLDL events/classes are still free of charge and open to the public. Instead of pre-registering for events/classes, we are now using a ticket system.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • A ticket is required to gain entry into all library events/classes, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Tickets will be made available 30 minutes prior to the start of each event/class.
  • One ticket per person. You must be present to pick up a ticket; picking up tickets for others is prohibited.
  • A valid ticket must be presented to library staff in order to gain entry into the event/class.

You may still access your events account and add programs in order to receive reminders; however, this does not guarantee a space in the event/class.

Why did SSLDL implement the Ticket System?

Over the past few years the library has experienced high registration prior to an event but limited turnout once the event begins.  In order to maximize attendance the library is making all programs equally accessible by providing tickets 30 minutes in advance of all programs.  This eliminates waitlists and helps us fully book programs and events.  We expect that this will result in larger crowds along with a more enjoyable and interactive experience for both kids and adults.