About MeL


The Michigan eLibrary (MeL), administered by the Library of Michigan, provides all Michigan residents with access to online information including full-text articles, digital images, books and materials from libraries all over Michigan at no cost.


MeL Databases

MeL Databases allow you instant access to full-text articles from tens of thousands of magazines and newspapers. Databases are available for kids, adults, and on specialized topics such as car repair, practice tests and art images.


MeLCat allows you to order books, audio books, music, movies and other materials and have them delivered to your participating library.

MeL Michigana

MeL Michigana contains photographs, diaries, oral histories, local records and historical Michigan data.

MeL Gateways

MeL Gateways include specialized resources such as those in genealogy, health, business and areas for kids and teens.


MeL resources are higlighted throughout our website and are denoted with a MeL icon, as seen below:

Mel Resource