Contactless Drive-thru Process

We are happy to announce that the Library is open in a limited capacity!

In an effort to keep our staff and patrons safe we offer a new drive-thru pickup service to retrieve holds, kits, and more through the myLibro app.

We expect there will be a high demand for this service. Therefore, it is essential that everyone arrives at their scheduled pick-up time to ensure prompt, accurate, and safe service for all.

Our updated Drive-thru procedures are as follows:
  1. Patron is notified that their hold is ready by phone/email.
  2. Patron will make a Libro appointment (either through the APP or by calling the library). 
  3. Patron arrives for the appointment and pulls up to pick up their items at the drive-thru window.
  4. Patron will press the bell/buzzer to alert arrival.
  5. Patron will receive items from the window's slide-out shelf containing their holds and other items.
Services we will be providing for Contactless Drive-thru include:
  • Checking out books
  • Fax
  • Scans
  • Printing
  • Tax Forms and Instructions
  • Craft kits
(To use our printing services visit our website here to submit a print job that we will release for you and bring to your vehicle, or install the PrinterOn app from your app store to submit print jobs from your mobile device) Call us if you have questions: 248-437-6431.